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In the 22nd century, the planet Earth was becoming overwhelmingly
populated, and it was proven that the amount of habitat and resources
for humankind was not going to be enough. In a desperate attempt to save
both Earth and the people, astronauts accelerated their research on the
environments of the entire Solar system.

After years of hard work, the astronauts finally developed a solution;
with the help of some new robot technology, they invented machines
called Sol Cultivators, or SCs. After their manufacturing, the SCs were
first sent to Mars to create an artificial environment, and make it
suitable for human living. But over time, they found out a method for
doing so on the Earth's moon, and to everyone's astonishment, even

Months became years, and years became decades as the SCs continued to
work, they finally completed their mission. Not too long after,
adventurous Terrans began to leave Earth and find settlement in the new
environments, and the SCs were put to rest.

Everyone throughout Sol began to prosper, and everything seemed to be
going well, or so everyone thought... One day, a storm that was
occurring on Venus sent a strange surge though one of the SCs, and
activated it. Upon activation, the awakened SC's programming became
deranged, and it went haywire. It began to reactivate the other sleeping
SCs, and soon after were found planning to launch an attack against the
human race!

The humans, after realizing the threat from the SCs attempted to
deactivate them, but to no avail... There was only one option left, in
order to preserve humankind, they had to destroy the SCs, and to do so
they have formed a team of skilled pilots to specialize in the task.

A team called the Sol Defenders.


Defenders of Sol is a space shooter inspired by the classic arcade
games. In this game, you have a choice to fly 1 of 4 different ships,
each with their own unique weapons and stats.

There are a number of game modes, from a classic level-clearing game, to
several different survival modes, both of which can be played solo or
with another player. There is even a game mode where 2 players can fight
against one another!

I hope you enjoy this demo, please let me know what you think after trying it!

-Elric Murphy


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