New minigame on the way

Good evening folks, just letting y'all know that I am still working on this project and stuff, and that there is soon to be a new minigame added to The Minute Gamer.  I've got all the levels designed, and am now working on creating the bosses (I say halfway, because boss design can be pretty tough!).  Aside from that, there are also plans to make some minor gameplay changes to some of the already-present minigames, in hopes of improving player experience.  More details about these changes will be stated as the next update comes to a close!

In other news, it is with deep regret that I must announce the removal of the project's award system.  While this will not result in any real game-changing effects; it will however, take away a tool that was meant to give the player some ideas for various goals.  That, and it was also planned to use the award system as a means to present the player with unlockable content, by means of building up award points.

The reason for it's removal is because the steps necessary to properly save and load earned awards resulted in some bugs which would cause the game to run slow, or present errors during certain points in the game, along with earned awards sometimes getting forgotten for unclear reasons.  I have ultimately decided that the potential benefits of this system simply did not outweigh the bugs and maintenance that came with it.

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That's too bad about the awards :( Looking forward to the boss battles and new minigame though!