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A new minigame has finally been added!  This game is a sequel to Arena Blitz, and stays true to several of the core mechanics to its predecessor, but with one major difference; it now uses a side-view camera, instead of a bird's-eye view, which means this new game will feature some side-scrolling/platforming action.

Along with the new minigame, some updates have been made to the other games as well.

*Fleet Defender: When the player reaches a certain streak, they will be rewarded with a health pickup.

*Arena Blitz: If a player clears 3 chambers without taking any damage, they will be reward with an upgrade that enhances their attack power instead of a potion.

*Ghost Mansion: Each room in the mansion will now have a hidden treasure, which may include either an item that gives the player an additional life, an item that temporarily makes them invisible, or an item that lowers their stamina usage.

Both Arena Blitz and Ghost Mansion also have an updated info section, which provide more details about the items and enemies the player may encounter.

The only sad news, the buggy award system has now been removed.  Maybe someday I will come up with something that can take its place, but for now the best I can do is continue to update and expand on this project.

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Aug 10, 2017

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