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An UnderTale fangame based on PinkTale; an AU that's been in the making by YouTuber Bettina Levy, starring a character named Joyce; who's SOUL is said to represent JOY.  With Bettina's permission, and support from her community, I present to you "The Soul of Joy".


NOTICE: As this is a game based on UnderTale, spoilers to UnderTale's plot are to be expected, and it is not recommended that you play this unless you're familiar with both the pacifist and the genocide routes.  UnderTale is the property of Toby Fox, as is the music used in this project, and any applicable sounds and graphics.  Please support the original material!


Find Bettina Levy and her community through any of the following links!

Bettina's YouTube channel:
RE: Joyce - An ask blog managed by Bettina, starring Joyce:
Bettina's Twitter:
Discord Server!:


The story of PinkTale begins when Flowey awaits the appearance of a child with a DETERMINATION SOUL.  To his surprise however, he instead meets a child named Joyce, who's SOUL represents JOY.  What could be the meaning of this child's appearance?  And why does the rest of the underground seem...  Different?

Follow Joyce, as she runs, climbs, and jumps her way across the puzzles and traps that lie ahead in this platformer-style game; all the while using her SOUL to calm and befriend the monsters that await her!

Updated 13 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorElric Murphy
Tags16-bit, Cute, Fangame, undertale


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