Created for Mini Jam 8 -Fantasy-, with the restriction being "One Room".



Movement - [W-A-S-D] or Arrow Keys

Shooting - Hold to [Z] to prepare an arrow, release to fire

Rolling - Press X

Mute Music - Left or Right [Ctrl]

Reset Game - [Esc] or [R]


You are an archer, and have been placed in a battle arena where you must fight your way through 5 waves of monsters.  The catch is, your arrows are limited, and you must pick them up after firing them to replenish your shots!  In addition, you have the ability to roll, which also you to pass through enemies and projectiles without taking damage.

Score bonus points by hitting multiple enemies with a single shot, by swiftly hitting enemies within a short timeframe, and by using stylish techniques between roll-dodging and firing!  Just careful not to miss your shots or take damage, or else you will lose points.

Do you have what it takes to survive An Archer's Trial?

Many thanks to Will Leamon, for providing the music used in this project!  You can check out his webpage here:


An Archer's Trial 9 MB

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