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It was a dark and stormy night, where two kids were left home on their own for the evening.  Just as they were getting to bed, the storm suddenly caused the power to go out, leaving the entire house dark and unsettling for the two.  Although their father taught them how to use the breaker switch, their intense fear of the dark causes the house to appear warped and twisted, while "shadow monsters" can be seen to them lurking down the halls, and around the corners.  They can try to reach the breaker, but only if they don't find themselves fleeing back into their room!


This game can be played with 1 or 2 players.  The objective is simple; explore the twisted dark house until you find a staircase to the next floor, and locate the breaker in the basement.  Just watch out for the shadow monsters, if too many make contact with you, you'll find yourself back at the beginning of the floor you were on!

This game also features multiple difficulty settings, and a procedurally-generated house; so no two playthroughs may be exactly alike!

The Story Behind this Project:

This minigame was a personal project I decided to take upon myself, which I had started since the beginning of this month, and was challenging myself to have ready before Halloween.

Like many people, I used to be extremely afraid of the dark; a fear that I would not overcome until my mid-late teens.  Just like the kids in this game, part of my fear involved envisioning "shadow monsters", that during my childhood would easily leave me frightened to the point of screaming, along with the chills I would generally get down my spine; as if a pair of frail, cold hands were running down my back.

When I finally found the resolve to overcome this fear, I started pushing myself to leave my bedroom after hours, when the entire house was dark and silent.  I'd first bring myself to walk downstairs and roam the first floor.  When I got comfortable with that, I would then do it while making sure the nightlights were left off.

My final push was descending into the unfinished part of the basement, and walking into the back corner where the boiler was.  Having had enough practice doing this, the dark finally become less of a terror, and more a place of comfort and serenity to me.  All of this was inspired by one simple quote from my martial arts teacher, while he was giving us a speech about "courage".  When we'd ask ourselves "when will we stop being afraid?" his answer was, "when you choose to be."

Suffice to say, in the spirit of October, I decided to create a (mildly) spooky game in reflection of that old fear, and how I overcame it.  And I for those who are "still afraid", I hope one day you will bring yourself to "make the choice."  :)

-Elric Murphy

Install instructions

Since the engine this game was built on is not very well-known, your anti-virus software may return a false-positive while scanning this project for threats.  You can try to work around this by having your software make an exception for this project.


Dark House Setup.zip 10 MB

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