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Four little adventurers find themselves washed up on a mysterious island, and search the land for clues to their escape!

This game boasts some simple and direct platforming action!  You can either breeze through the levels, and take down their bosses...  Or you can challenge yourself to picking up the gems along the path and aim for a high score!


-Four playable characters, each with their own subtle mechanics.

-Four powerups, which you will find scattered around each level.  Keep an eye out for them, as you may need them to progress!

-Five levels, with about 20 minutes of total gameplay.

-A unique and challenging boss at the end of each level!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorElric Murphy
TagsArcade, High Score, jumping, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, Singleplayer, Sprites


Incongruous Isle Setup.zip 23 MB

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I like the style and the art, but I think the controls feel a bit stiff.

The button layout seem odd as well, If I could suggest a different layout, incorporate WASD movement, Space to jump, and Enter to use abilities.

My run ended at the frog boss because the rocks and the waves came at the same time, was hard to avoid both of the attacks at the same time.

This is so much fun. It would be nice, you make the Mobile version too, surely many will like it.

Hello. i don't speak english so i hope google hasn't completely spoiled my review: D

I played your demo.
I found it very promising, The level design is well designed and I liked the idea of the player being able to choose alternative paths, the jumping mechanics are a little strange but it seems to be purposeful 

all the skills I picked up during the game work very well, the coolest and the flower that gives the game the double jump :D

in relation to enemies I didn't find a way to get through the frogs without taking damage maybe there is a specific moment but I really couldn't find

some items that looked like wood are confusing, I really didn't understand why some broke and others didn't. maybe you can change the color to make it more evident which breaks and which does not break for the player

The game's initial menu is very simple and at first glance it didn't attract my attention I think you could rework in future versions your pixel art works very well during the game, mas acho que não foi tão interessante no menu inicial. 

the battles against the bosses were very fun and difficult without a doubt were the parts I liked the most


Thank you very much for your review, your critique is much appreciated!  (The translation looks fine to me, for the most part.  Granted I'm no linguist myself.)

It is possible to get past the frogs without taking damage, however I could try slowing them down just a smidge.  I also just realized that I may have made the graphic a bit too big in comparison to the collision box; making it difficult to tell which part of the frog will actually damage you.

I did draw some cracks in the wood that falls that I thought were conspicuous enough.  But, I suppose if you're playing on a lower resolution it might be hard to see them, so I'll see to applying a color change for a future release.

Unfortunately, interface design is still something I'm learning.  Still, thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Glad you liked the boss battles!  Yeah, I didn't want the boss fights to feel too frustrating, but I did want them to feel tricky enough so that the player could feel accomplished after beating them.  It's great to know those worked out!