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The tyrannical king crab has stolen the good king's magical scepter, and began using his vile powers to terrorize the nation!  Swish, A local swashbuckler has had enough of the evil king's mischief, and he's taken matters into his own hands!



Directional: WASD, or Arrows
Jump: Spacebar
Attack: U or X
Block: I or C
Menu/Pause: Esc
Confirm: Enter



Hold down the block button to protect yourself from any melee and projectile attacks from the front.  Will not work against explosions and overhead attacks.

Blocking just before an enemy's melee attack opens you up for performing a powerful counterattack (indicated by your character flashing), where you lunge forward and will deal twice as much damage to bosses.

Certain projectiles can be swatted away by your melee attack.  A few projectiles, such as the Star Fish's shuriken, may even be sent right back to their thrower; this is done by hitting the projectile with the tip of your sword.


Many, MANY thanks to the following content creators who have helped with the development of this project!

Music by Angelo Stanca

Swish cover art by @KaitogirlDraws

Updated 20 days ago
Published 22 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorElric Murphy
TagsArcade, Fantasy, High Score, Swords


Swish, the Swordfish Setup.zip 15 MB

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Yaaay, an update from this amazing jam game! <3